Siesta Key Village: the center of our beach town





Siesta Village is a hub of island activity. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, a food market, ice cream parlors, water sport and bike rental places, and fun hip nightlife. It has everything a perfect vacation could need, and with all the different free rides offered there's no worry about where to park. All our favorite places and things to do are listed on our favorites page at the top. 

Getting here

Young girl smiling and swimming in the water at Siesta Key Beach

Every Sunday at the main beach a group of enthusiastic drummers and dancers come together to enjoy the sunset and rhythmic humming of a tribal like gathering.


Siesta Key Beach view. Crystal white sand and blue water.

Siesta Bungalows Vistor Information

Yellow heart with palm fronds. Siesta Bungalows logo.


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Bring your furry friends

Siesta Key Beach... #1 Beach!

"When it comes to white, powdery sand, nothing compares with Siesta Key, Florida. That's why Siesta Key beach has won accolades for many years from  “Dr. Beach,” Stephen P. Leatherman, a professor of environmental studies at Florida International University. This quirky, yet beautiful barrier island off the coast of Sarasota boasts turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico let you know that you are in a tropical paradise, and since the beach faces West every night has a magical sunset.

  " It’s clean, it’s dazzling white and it feels like confectioner’s sugar. Why? It’s the quartz. A study of Siesta Key beach sand by Harvard University’s geology department found that the sand was 99 percent pure quartz grains, ultimately derived from the southern Appalachian Mountains. Over millenniums, sand grains were carried by rivers into the Gulf and down Florida’s coast. Those quartz grains are very fine, without any coral or shell fragments, which results in sand with a soft, flour-like texture. Quartz sand comes from igneous rock, the kind of rock that once was molten. Quartz is a very hard substance, graded at 7 on a hardness scale of 10. Diamonds are rated 10 on this scale. Minerals of hardness 7 cannot be scratched with the point of a steel knife. The most common such substance is granite.”" ~ Quoted from a Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce Flyer


~ There is a geocache hidden at the gazebo in the heart of the village.

~ The fish that jump in the canals are Mullet.

~ There are no alligators in the canals. They are only fresh water and ours is saltwater.

~ There is kayaking in mangrove tunnels on Lido Key (favorite thing to do!)

~ The white beach sand never gets hot! It is made of 90% quartz and cannot retain heat.

~ The manatees love to come into the canals when it is cold. Often we can see dolphins sanding right on the beach.

~ You've got to watch for the "green flash" as the sun hits the horizon. We've only seen it once!

~ There are great Happy Hour specials at The Cottage restaurant in the village.

~ You can rent a boat and explore the canals and deserted islands in the intercostal and water ski around skiers island

~ There is a yoga class on the beach.


   Siesta Key is a barrier island off the coast of Sarasota on the West coast of Florida.

   Sarasota Airport is located on the north side of Sarasota and takes twenty minutes to drive to Siesta Key. See who flies in ~

   Tampa International Airport is located about 1.5 hours north of us and is an easy drive. 

​See who flies in ~